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Tuesday, 15 July 2008


Just recovered from a cold weekend in a tent up at Rugby. I stayed with Andrew and Carol Dicker who kindly offered to put up with me and Pie for the weekend :)
Pie was working really nicely. My team won the Crufts team on Saturday WOOOO!!! And then Pie got a 6th in his grade 5 agility with held contacts, so i was really pleased with that. My last run on sunday was grade 5 jumping, and i really liked the course, so really pushed Pie and he ran past the last jump AGAIN!!! GRRR!! Freak dog haha. Ahh well, still really pleased with how he ran over the weekend, he felt as though he had gone up a gear in some runs, which is always promising.
Also booked my training day with Tash for next Monday which i'm also looking forward to as well as The Agility Club show next weekend :)

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Thames, DARL Finals & UKA

Well Thames I was ring partying all weekend and got baaaad sunburn on my arms, which is only just starting to go down!! Ouch! Agilitywise i did rubbish however, Pie was working really nicely. In his Olympia KC qualifier he was doing a stonking round, but ran round last jump!! WHAAAAAAT!!!

On friday (13th) i travelled 3 hours up to Peterborough for the DARL Rescue league finals held at RVA show. Again pie ran round number 3 which was a similar sequence to the one at Thames last weekend, so i know what i need to practise next week at training!!

Then yesterday at UKA Pie won 3 out of his 4 runs. His first run was power and speed, where weeves were number 1 and he came out of them grrrr! and then he won his agility, steeplechase, and jumping. I'm obviously please about him winning the classes but more so that he felt like he was really listening and for the first time in a while we were working as a team. :)

Monday, 19 May 2008


I'm such a bad blogger!! I'm currently sittin exams right up to 12th June so I haven't really had time to add much. I've been to a few shows since I last was on here; Easter Celebration, WBSDS, Vyne, Wallingford, Tunbridge Wells. Wow that seems quite a lot. Not much to report back really. Although Pie's team got 2nd in Pedigree Team Relay... Pie had a pole down (WHOOPS!) Also Pie got a 3rd in Olympia qualifer and only first 2 qualify... darn! But i must say the two people who beat me had stonking fab rounds! Tracey Flower and her gorgeous merle Barbie, with stunning running contacts and Will Rolfe and his Nedlo baby. So well done to you both :) Here is a latest video of Pie including many rounds from last year and the beginning of this year... Enjoy :)

Monday, 14 April 2008

Bad Blogger

Sorry i've not posted... been away skiing in America which was AMAZING, also revising for exams.... very hectic.

Well Easter Celebration... Pie was awful... all over the place, however thought i'd share the 3 hideous runs with you all anyway.

I've been away skiing with school, to America. Only 30 of us went and 3 teachers. We flew out to Boston... horrendous flight - the plane actually dropped (!) during very very bad turbulance. Drove 4 hours into Sunday River, Maine. Fantastic resort!! We could ski into the resort....fab! The snow was aaaaamazing to ski on.... bloody scary double black runs though lol. Had various evening entertainment, one of which was 'bowling'. Not sure you can call it that though... manual scores, and you could hold the ball in one fist... no finger holes or anything lol. Tubing another night... was insane!! Went to Wal-Mart... OH MY!! You can get literally anything there!! Then after 5 days skiing, drove to Freeport... spent quite a few bucks there :cool: then to a little travel lodge in Boston. Went to Hard Rock Cafe that evening, was really nice there. Early wake up, for a bus and walking tour of Boston... then shopping again at Quincey Market... again spent waaaay too much there haha!
Terbulance on flight home too... :( wasn't too happy, tried to sleep most of the way... and very jet lagged on Saturday.
Hope you enjoyed by little essay there, sorry guys lol. Here's a few pictures that i thought i'd share.
Going up chairlift - a black run.

Charlotte and I, waiting for everyone to come up chairlift.

View from Hotel at Sunday River.

World's tallest snowman apparently?!

Lucy x
P.S. Got abit bored earlier so made a compliation up of Pie; enjoy!

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Need shows!!

Thought it was time to post something!! Agility wise, I haven't really been motivated in training Pie. My first show for the season is Easter Celebration and competing makes me work harder in training. Because it's been a long time since i've had a show, training hasn't been quite successful. However, i'm determind this year to get Pie to grade 6, by trying to win another Olympia Qualifier. I can't wait until Easter, as this has a qualifier, so fingers crossed!! I've also decided that i'm going to retire Kip from agility this year. He is now 10, which isn't that old considering, but his back legs seem to ache from time to time. I've entered him in a couple of shows in the next few months, just with 1-2 runs, but I don't think he will be able to cope with 2 runs - i'll see. He still really enjoys himself whilst training and competing so now I will be entering him in veterans or anysize. Oh and taking my camera to Easter Celeb so lots of videos for me to load up when I get back.

Sunday, 10 February 2008

First Blog

Evening all, alot of people have a blog these days thought i'd best get my arse into gear and get one up and running. Don't really know what to put on it, but i'm sure i'll think of things to add as and when. I am regularly around the country competing with my two border collies, Kip and Pie, in dog agility.

So, this is Pie (Who Ate All The Pies) He's nearly 4 I think. I rescued him when he was 14 months from Many Tears Rescue, and no one really has any history about him, just that he's from Wales. He is currently Grade 5 in agility. He started the season in Grade 3 and has progressed up 2 grades and has exceeded mine and other's expectations!! He is a fantastic dog to live and to work. He is very much a one person's dog and is very affectionate, oh yeah and also very handsome :]

This is Kip (Shanowl Kamikaze Kip) Kip will be 10 in March this year. He was given to me by his breeder in 2004 just before we were due to go to Crufts, a month later. I started training Kip in agility when he was 4 and have trained him ever since. He has taken me from Elementary, which is now Grade 1 to Grade 4. He has taught me everything I know and has helped me be able to train Pie myself. When I started training Kip he was already experianced and trained. Over the years I have tweaked his agility. However, over the last year he has slowed down dramatically and I think that this season may be his last competitive season, but i'm hoping he will prove me wrong on that one.

Well I best be off now, need to be up early tomorrow. Here's one last photo of the sunset tonight.